Installation of the Laser Interceptor

The installation it's very easy on most of the vehicles .Please take special care while installing the sensors. If you are not sure that you can do a good and clean installation we recommend installation in eqquipped and experienced workshop. We can send you photos of previous installations after you buy the product to help you if you are planning to install it by yourself.

The standard Laser Interceptor is a dual head laser kit. Extra head(s) are also available for rear protection. The following installation describes the dual head kit :
The two laser transceivers are mounted on the front of the vehicle, normally within the front grill, 40cm to 70cm apart. If you are planning to install it on a bike you should put one head on front and the other on rear. As natural sunlight emits a broad range of frequencies (including 908nm) the transceivers should preferably be shielded from sunlight as much as practical. Direct sunlight on the transceiver heads can sometimes interfere with their performance. The units must be mounted parallel to the road.
On the warning unit connector there are plug for external speaker and plug for radio mute: