This product contains a class 1M laser. Class 1M lasers produce large-diameter beams, or beams that are divergent. The Maximum Permissible Exposure for a Class 1M laser cannot normally be exceeded unless focusing or imaging optics are used to narrow down the beam. If the beam is refocused, the hazard of Class 1M lasers may be increased and the product class may be changed.
NEVER, under any circumstances look at the sensors while it's connected to a power supply.

  • Laser Sensor Wavelength : 904nm
  • Laser Class : 1M
  • Power : 12-15v
  • CPU Box Current : 70mA (Max 700mA)
  • Outer Sensors : 30mA
  • Operating Temperature : -30 to +70 C
  • Dimensions (CPU Box) : 125 x 55 x 25mm
  • New sensor(2010) : 80mm x 24mm x15mm
  • PSOS Connector Wires Length : 1m
  • Sensor Wires Length : 5.5m
  • Function Switch Wires Length: 1m