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The Laser Interceptor is the best laser protection system for your vehicle. It's a multipurpose laser sensor device with several features. The main feature being a parking sensor designed to assist the driver when parking a vehicle and help him avoid unpleasant and costly close contacts.

Also, this device will allow you to open an electric garage door(with use of suitable additional items) and even use it as light activator.

For all that it's using both visual and audible warnigs(beeps and real human voice).

The Laser Interceptor is based on advanced quad receiver and dual LASER transmitter technology using military standards. The power of this product is over 100 times greater than other units on the market that use LED diodes. The quad receiver combined with it's unique optical amplifiers ensures the highest possible performance.

The Laser Interceptor CPU box is equipped with 4 ports so it can gets up to 4 heads. The standard package has 2 outer sensor(heads) and it's suitable for frontal protection on cars or front and rear protection on motorbikes. If you want a full protection for your vehicle you can get extra head(s).
The CPU box is also equipped with RS232C serial port for communication with Windows PC. Using provided software user can set up various options in this device or gets the latest updates.


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Latest News:

Laser-Interceptor.NET is Also Official Laser Interceptor UK seller, serving the UK with Sales and Service


Function switch is added in the package so you can change the LI mode anytime(from normal behaviour to unlimited parking aid) 

The World's Most Powerful Laser System Made Today!

Check the Downlads section for the latest Laser Interceptor softwrare updates. New version 8.18 as of September 2014


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