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Do NOT buy Laser Interceptor devices or fall for offers that sound too good to be true! Laser Interceptor Distributors are the ONLY Authorized Distributor for Laser Interceptor Devices Worldwide!

By purchasing products on EBAY, Amazon, Alibaba or from Unauthorized Resellers such as the OUT OF BUSINESS "abetterwaytobuy", "SBH Corp." , "SonicElectronix" ,,, BP Corp, LIstore and others who offer you a deal not available anywhere else, there is NO Warranty and these devices are older versions obsolete or refurbished or perhaps a "knock-off" and as such, are NOT eligible for Updates neither Replacements through any Authorized Laser Interceptor Distributor.

Is It Worth It?

Please protect yourself - purchase from authorized resellers only.


Please be aware of the following risks if you purchase Laser Interceptor devices from an unauthorized reseller:

Possible exclusion of Laser Interceptor warranty due to:

  • Purchase of stolen merchandise
  • Inability to validate the original purchase date and ownership with the original sales receipt AND the transfer of ownership with any subsequent bill of sale
  • Item shipped to you may be counterfeit, forged, or refurbished goods
  • Item may ship with serial numbers removed or modified
  • Item may appear new but contain internal water damage or damage from improper use
  • Item may never ship - contact with the seller may be difficult or impossible
  • Price may be inflated, incorrect, or changed after you place your order
  • Inferior product may be substituted for the advertised Laser Interceptor product

ONLY original Laser Interceptors sold ONLY by Authorized Laser Interceptor Distributors such as Laser-Interceptor.NET and who's serial numbers can be verified from us will receive Laser Interceptor's Limited Warranty Coverage and are eligible for Upgrades, Repairs and Replacements and 24hours/day Email and Telephone Product Support.

If you doubt the authenticity of the seller or the product that is being offered to you, please email us or your respective Authorized Laser Interceptor Distributor.

Thank you for shopping with


The Laser-Interceptor.Net Team


Latest News:

Laser-Interceptor.NET is Also Official Laser Interceptor UK seller, serving the UK with Sales and Service


Function switch is added in the package so you can change the LI mode anytime(from normal behaviour to unlimited parking aid) 

The World's Most Powerful Laser System Made Today!

Check the Downlads section for the latest Laser Interceptor softwrare updates. New version 8.18 as of September 2014


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