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SpeedLab Laser Tester PDF Print E-mail

    * Hand held laser tester
    * Quickly check the operation of your detector or jammer
    * Three button operation
    * Mimics 32 Lidar guns(including all the newest lidar devices) + unknown gun

Dimensions: 12,5cm x 6,5cm x 2,4cm

Simply place this palm sized tester in front of your device, press the SELECT button to select the type of the laser gun you want to activate and press FIRE test the operation of your detector/jammer against the exact gun.





Latest News:

Laser-Interceptor.NET is Also Official Laser Interceptor UK seller, serving the UK with Sales and Service


Function switch is added in the package so you can change the LI mode anytime(from normal behaviour to unlimited parking aid) 

The World's Most Powerful Laser System Made Today!

Check the Downlads section for the latest Laser Interceptor softwrare updates. New version 8.18 as of September 2014


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