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  • Alstom Coradia Stream trains to install Teleste’s on-board solution

    2021-03-18 14:51:10
    Summary:Finnish technology company Teleste has announced that it will supply its on-board solution for Alstom&rsquo;s Corad...
    Finnish technology company Teleste has announced that it will supply its on-board solution for Alstom’s Coradia Stream trains in Italy.

    According to the contract, Teleste’s on-board solution will be installed in 31 Alstom’s trains.

    The company will start the delivery of the solution this year, with an option for an additional 30 trains.


    Teleste stated that it will continue the collaboration with Alstom under a platform agreement, which was signed in 2017.

    Teleste rolling stock manufacturers business line head Jarkko Vehkala said: “We are pleased to continue advancing smooth and safe public mobility in Italy together with Alstom and their Coradia Stream train platform. Being deployed in several public transport networks in the country, we are confident that our solution will provide the passengers in Lombardy with an enjoyable travel experience while also meeting the needs of the railway operator.”


    Teleste’s on-board solutions to be deployed include video surveillance, intercommunication and public address systems, latest-generation full-colour RGB LED information displays, and passenger information systems (PIS).

    The entire on-board solution has been designed to support a smooth integration and management of the systems.

    In 2019, Alstom signed a contract with Italian operator Ferrovienord for the delivery of the first batch of 31 regional trains to Lombardy.


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