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  • NPC deputy Zhang Jie: Recommend to discover new popular tourist spots along rail transit

    2021-03-04 10:22:00
    Summary:Chongqing — As spring comes, the plants and flowers along the Chongqing Railway Transit (CRT) line began to blo...
    Chongqing — As spring comes, the plants and flowers along the Chongqing Railway Transit (CRT) line began to bloom, forming a beautiful landscape. This has also set off a boom in social media at home and abroad.
    On Feb 26, iChongqing interviewed Zhang Jie, a deputy to the National People's Congress and deputy manager of the maintenance department of the three operating companies of Chongqing Railway Transit (Group) Co Ltd, and talked about his story and the future development of Chongqing Railway Transit during the 14th five years period.
    Zhang Jie is the leading technical talent of Chongqing monorail. In 2012, Zhang Jie Skills Master Studio was established. He led the studio members to implement 3-5 projects every year. The studio has completed more than 20 technological innovations and equipment upgrades and has awarded seven national new utility patents.
    Focus on more aspects
    In 2018, the first session of the 13th National People's Congress was held. This was Zhang Jie's first year as a deputy to the National People's Congress.
    "During the meeting, when General Secretary Xi Jinping participated in the deliberation of the Chongqing delegation, I felt very proud that a grassroots deputy like me can sit in the same row with the general secretary, which also made me feel the Party and the state really attach importance to skilled talents." Zhang Jie said.
    "I truly feel the vigorous development of the motherland, and I also deeply understand that being a deputy is not only an honor but also a responsibility." Zhang Jie said, in the past, he only researched monorail turnout technology (Turnouts are key line equipment for suspended monorail transit). After becoming a deputy of the National People's Congress, he felt like the burden on his shoulders is very heavy. As a result, he decided to strengthen the theoretical study and communication with the masses and gradually improved his ability to perform the duties.
    In the past, the suggestions submitted by Zhang Jie at the National People's Congress mainly focused on technical skills and personnel training. This year, his focus has expanded. He will continue to focus on the training and development of skilled personnel and focus on the implementation of the Civil Code, the "six stability and six guarantees," and the improvement of people's livelihood.
    "Today's CRT line 2 can be said to be popular all over the world. Have you ever thought of it?" When the reporter asked this question, Zhang Jie replied, "I really thought of it! Because CRT Line 2 is the first straddle monorail line in China and the first rail transit line in Chongqing."
    Zhang Jie said that Chongqing Railway Transit Group attaches great importance to cultural construction and has built Line 2 with the theme of "Bayu Culture". (Bayu Culture is one of the special ethnic cultures along the upper reaches of Yangtze River.) From the furnishings and appearance of some stations, people can feel Chongqing's historical and cultural atmosphere. These unique landscapes will naturally attract tourists from all over the country and worldwide to come and appreciate them.
    Subsequently, Zhang Jie mentioned his main service, CRT line 3. He commented that, in addition to important transportation functions, taking Line 3 can also affect crossing the river, crossing the mountain, and big turning. The visual experience is like riding a roller coaster. It is an "unusual road" monorail route. Welcome everyone to take the CRT Line 3 and discover new hot tourist spots.
    When talking about future plans, Zhang Jie told us that during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025), Chongqing Railway would continue to implement the urban rail transit network plan, focus on building a multi-level rail transit network, and strive for the mileage of rail transit operations and under construction to exceed 1,000 kilometers.
    "With the support of project construction, we will further improve the multi-level rail transit network system, make efforts in the construction of continued projects, strive to start the fourth phase of the rail transit project this year, and build an integrated and interconnected rail network," said Zhang Jie.

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